Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st anniversary.

Today. 9th of June 2009. 9/6/09 is the first year anniversary for me and my family living in my new house~ Ha ha. I almost forgot. But sister kept on repeating it. Not very special but at least, rememberance. :)

I lived and stay here since today [ in the previous year ]. I really miss my old house - since I was borned there. Although it wasn't as spacious as new house but I hope I can stay there. And although facilities here were to be better, but I still love the environment in there. Angely Sen's house is just beside my block. And many mores. We lived near. We communicate well.

Anyway, I need to forget these. So, have been staying here for 365 days? We shared our happy and sad memories here. Hope more happy memories coming and rushing in. Hope we will live together forever. And last but not least, I hope we will all be happy staying here.


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