Friday, June 19, 2009

Skip skip.

Akip Thursday. And here is it~ It's Friday.

This morning went to school like usual ler. And then, chatted with friends in canteen. Assembly had gone through well, just like usual. Headed to Bilik Seni for BM. Teacher divided us into groups for some presentation. I was grouped with B.Teng and Z.Yin. Well, everything went well today.

8.30am, we rushed to the school hall for rehearsal again. And waited for our turn to present our "choral speaking". PKBP and form1 & 2 students get to go up the stage to take prizes. I was sitting near KKSiong. And he pointed to one of the guys in the PKBP and asked " Amy, 哪个是你的男朋友哦?. " I was like 是咯!帅咧!

The PA system guy placed the microphone right in front of my mouth. OMG. I pushed it a little bit away. It went well. Finally, the senior assistant of our school praised us :) We all were so happy. Raffiq asked me something that I couldn't answer but I sounded naughty.

We recessed a little late today. 11am. [too late actually]. After that, we went to convince and console T.Tian as she was crying as she was being scolded by teacher. I was joking. Everybody was laughing except her. She never entertain me at all. Anyway, we walked away as I think she don't want us to disturb [convince actually] her.

So, we went down to practise AGAIN. Me and B.Teng and Z.Yin were standing beside each others. We kept on playing and joking around but the guys [khai siong and jian yu] at the back misunderstood and said we are LES for the second time in the choral speaking rehearsal. So, we teased them back GAY. ~.~

And then, when teacher asked us to "take 5", out of a sudden, I heard S.Man's voice raised so high. I am pretty sure, she was scolding someone. So, I took a look and she was scolding S.Sya [normal routine]. And when I asked her to relax. She rotate herself and hit my hand [accidentally, maybe]. 5 of us ignored her after that.

Today, happy lah. Tomorrow, don't know lah.


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