Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am fully exhausted. Today - long story lo. I will try my best to cut and make it short. Ha ha.

First class, PJK. Teacher was absent. So, we chit-chatted like usual [why everyday also chat? chat until no topic to chat already la]. But still, chat chat chat lurr.

After that, it was BM class. Our class was full of form 5 students. I don't know where was my file because they were taking and throwing our things to the floor. S.Sya's money was missing. Of course, we suspected these form 5 students but S.Sya said she don't mind losing RM20. Anyway, we went to Bilik Seni for BM. Did corrections for exam. Grr.Recess~ Changed my clothes to the PBSM.

I was hot and spicy wearing that PBSM T-shirt. We never attend Science class because we need to do rehearsal for Anugerah Cemerlang. The rehearsal didn't start on time. So, we, 6, got to play "chi ku pang". We was laughing like small children. And suddenly came a bee from nowhere flying and buzzing around me. I shouted my heart out [so loudly].

After school, went to the gate of the school to wait for mummy. But don't know why dad turned up and gave me my lunch. It was fried rice. Cooked by mum. Mum's food is always the tastiest, the best and the most delicious food in the universe.

Science and Maths Club.
My chair was missing because KKSiong took it. Oh my god. How dare him. I placed my bag on the chair and when I am back, S.Sya said he took it deliberately. And he told S.Sya he has no wrong taking his l*o p*'s chair. Doesn't make sense at all~ He made my day duller, worsen and more tired. I don't find any chairs as the club was very peak already~ So, I stood until the time ended.

The leader asked us [ about 60 students ] to go out and stand under the hot sun. He want to divide us into groups. After that, teacher asked us to make 2 types of claps. My group didn't get into the top 3 because the only one who shouted out was me. After all, group cooperation is the most important one!!

We chatted under a shed because the sun was striking hot. We played cat and mouse several times before getting bored with that game. And then, chit-chatted again. We went wandering around without any reasons. At 6.10pm, walked home with J.Eng but later on , we did an U-turn. Went back to school like how J.Eng said [ so-poh ]. And walked home again with S.Phing, S.Sya, T.Tian and of course J.Eng.

S.U.P.E.R tired yehh...



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