Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Indeed, a Wednesday.

A new day again. I was given 24 hours for today. I wasted much of it.

First class, PJK class. Teacher gave us back our exam papers. I only got 74%. Brr. Vinosa got 65%. Sri got 74% also. The paper is quite tough. Erm, actually not very tough but I was lazy to read PJK. We also heard sounds of a kitten. Miaow miaow~ It was crushed by the chairs behind my class. A Malay girl took it out. It was dirty and the kitten was scared. It ran so fast but got caught after that.

Before BM class, we talk about someone two. Gossiping about them. Not very good right. Kakaz. And BM class, I guessed, teacher was on bad mood today. Kept on scolding people. Luckily, I am not one of these victims. Discussed the exam paper. I didn't pay much attention in this class. I think I am getting problematic in BM.

Recess~ After that, Science class. We make ice-cream using salt, sugar, milk and ice. Shake shake shake and then can eat already. My group [me, B.Teng, Z.Yin, S.Sya, S.Man, S.Phing] make 2 small ice-cream. I think I ate along their saliva because we were all sharing the ice-cream. Disgusting yet sweet as we were all good friends also known as SISTERs. Ha ha. Nonsense.

BI class. Went into the computer lab. Unfortunately, some computers weren't working. So, we got to share. About 3 person one. But we 6 person one.I didn't use the computer as I don't want to fight with them. They opened my blog and I quickly closed it. Only some of them saw my blog before. SECRETIVE. Lol. Kidding. The Chinese boys opened the abnormal video [ham sap pin]. S.Sya told me to go and scold them but I didn't cause that is what boys are.

Sorry, blame it on me~ [ AKON ]


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