Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A speechify day.

My friends came out in the news. Ha ha. I meant my old friends at my old school. So good can come out in TV. I was very worried about them. Hope everyone will stay happy!

Ha ha. I am very happy too, today. I started my day at 6.30am. Went to school sharp at 7 which makes me reached at 7.07am like that~

It was dark during the assembly. As what B.Teng said "5 o'clock in the morning". Well, yes, it was very dark as the cloud was covering the whole assembly hall.

Headed to the class and started my day with chit-chatting with Z.Yin. We have some secrets. But the peoples behind me weren't satisfied that they also wanted to hear. So, we told them some secret which weren't so secretive.

And then, practised our choral speaking. Take 5. Practised. Take 2. Practised. So tired. During BM periods, we were also in the hall. After all, today we, 2dk11 students never study except for the Civic class.

After school, me and B.Teng went out to take our meal from parents. My sister came late. S.Sya, S.Phing and Z.Yin accompanied me although I asked them to go in as it was very hot. But they refused. They are my true friends because we sunbathed together [kidding]. Today, J.Eng don't know fly where already~

Sat in the hall. And waited for the event to start. After performing our choral speaking, we ate something in the canteen. And then, took some photos with my friends. I didn't bring my phone. No anugerah for me as I wasn't here when I was in Form1. Pity.

Things happened today:
1) J.Eng didn't talk much to me today. I wondered if she was mad or angry. So do Sherlin. Grr. Don't do that again~ That made me quite worried.

2) S.Man, B.Teng and S.Sya's liquid paper, correction tape, mechanical pencil and pen was missing after form 5 students used our class. THEY again. Why are they so long-handed? Always steal people's belongings.

3) KKSiong's school uniform was written with my home address. I didn't realise until S.Sya told me. I think S.Sya wrongly see it as I saw it as 4 12 8. But they saw it as C 12 8. Obviously, KKSheng wrote it and betrayed KKSiong. Forget about it.

4) Raffiq gave me a paper-made flower and claimed that the flower was given by KKSiong. I was kind of sure he was lying but S.Sya asked KKSiong. He said ***! Kakaz. Can't believe it at all. So, just forget about it too.

5) W.Jien came to school at 2pm. He was absent but was really hardworking + trustworthy enough to come for the choral speaking. I heard that he was sick yet he came. A good and obedient boy.

6) Choral speaking was going well today. Encik Asim even praised us after the performances. So happy after the hard + sweat work.

S.Phing, S.Sya, Z.Yin, me, Puan Inthirah and B.Teng.

Choral speaking. By 2DK11 :)


We are the best!!!!



XiiaoBenDan said...

Haha,sorry amy x)...we were talking about recret,we were talking about hui yong thing... :X...we put a paper in her pencil box...so she see it she though who wrote it..but yet she know that i wrote it -.-...

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i just write only.
dont say sorry a. :')