Monday, July 6, 2009

Fake smile.

The whole day, I tried my very best to smile naturally but I just couldn't. I also wanted to cry so much~ What would I cry for, you guess? The next post will tell you about it.

This morning, I was tired and sleepy. Muscles in my body asked me to sleep more. I woke up only at 6.45am. Walked to school~ Meet my friends. Assembly was normal. Headed to the classroom and started my KH class. Then, Moral class~ Chatting with my friends. Without them, I am really going to die without needed any reasonable excuses.

Recess~ Chatted with Sherlin, J.Eng, B.Teng, Z.Yin and S.Man under a shed. It's really nice to talk with them. Except "some" or only "one" who always being sarcastic and always cut my words. Lol.

After that, Science class. Did some experiments on water solution. Geografi class, talking with B.Teng and S.Sya on some matters. And last class, Maths. S.Sya thought I was asleep and asked Z.Yin what I am doing. I looked at her. I felt like sleeping and I had a stomachache but I won't sleep in classes and especially when it comes to MATHS class.

My life is getting harder and harder. Family are forever. But friends and love won't last forever. It's really hard to maintain friendship. Love is even harder. My life, it is given to choose, whether I'll choose to have a good friendship or a good love. If I choose a good love, I will probably lost a good friendship. Complicated aren't it?
[ I will post a new post for this. ]


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