Friday, July 3, 2009

Freaky friday.

Fetched my eldest sister at KL Central at 2.45am in the morning. We reached the place at 1.40am. And waited for her to arrived from KLIA. I was so sleepy. So blur. And finally when she arrived, I helped her to take her stuff. A lot! She bought some souvenirs and the most, pepper. I was still conscious at 3.30am. And slept at 3.40am.

I woke up at 6.25am. Woke my sister up at 6.40am. She wasn't awake until I told her it was 6.45am already~ She took a bath. And kept changing her outfit because she wasn't satisfied yet. Until 7.05am, I was mad and rushed her. Yesterday night, she said she want to send me to school before she go to KLCC although I refused. I scared I will be late for school. Reached school right on time.

Reached. S.Sya asked me why am I so late and she was scared I will be late that I will cry again. S.Man was the same. I am not the "爱哭宝" leh! Assembly. I was very panicked and nervous for the BM presentation. And yes, I think me, B.Teng and Z.Yin did it quite well.

SEJ. Listened to my friends' presentation. I felt energetic although I slept for only around 3 hours. And after that, BI. Teacher gave us a exercise book each person. As a present for the choral speaking. Thanks, Mr Asim! Recess~ Joking with J.Eng, Sherlin, B.Teng and Z.Yin. And besides that, S.Man didn't talk much. And when going up to the class, my head accidentally knocked Sherlin's head. Lol. Sorry.

Science class. Went down to the school hall to see some decoration performances. The origami. I saw it many times when I was in my primary. Quite bored. Went back to class. And started KH class. New teacher was very strict. OMG. On the way home, saw KKSiong waved and his full of tricky face in the car. Feel like want to punch him~ Ha ha ha. Kidding.

Reached my condominium. I thought of taking out my access card with a lot of stuff in my hand. And then, the form4 guy in my school opened the door for me. LOL. Before this, I helped him before. His grandmother was having a lot of groceries. And I helped to take into the lift. So, now he helped me back. Kakaz.


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