Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still living.

I don't know where to start writing. I felt depressed for no reason. Yesterday I slept well. This morning, everything goes well but not the whole day is going well though.

Woke up. Put in the dirty clothes into the washing machine and fed my tortoise and fish.[MY?] Felt lazy to make tea. So, I just ate the bread. I was hungry the whole day. Useless me. I smiled and laughed. But I am not very happy.

Maths class. We were in the school hall. Teacher was teaching us the locus chapter. We were divided into three groups. Teacher gave us some tasks to do. I was being chose as the leader. I am very proud of my group members. I felt like being in kindergarten as we were all playing and in the other hand, studying. Well, I love today's Maths class. Fun enough.

Geografi class. We went into the computer lab as our class was being occupied by form3 students. AGAIN! Never mind, next year is our turn. lol. Teacher gave us exercises to do before we can surf the net. Me and Z.Yin went to the edge of the lab to do because we don't want others to disturb.

Recess~ Seni class. Back to the computer lab for about 15 minutes and then went down to the hall. Me, B.Teng and S.Man slept. I slept on B.Teng's shoulder. Really sorry for that.

Last class, Moral! I was feeling dizzy. I am getting madder and madder in the Moral class. I hate Moral class. Teacher's always not in. And when teacher's in, he didn't teach at all. That wasn't the worst part, the worst part was boredom, it is the most irritating word, I can say.

And last but not least, I've made a very important decision today. Hope I can follow it and not breaking the pledge. I won't and wouldn't think about that again. So, I can fully concentrate on my studies and family. I won't be sad because of this. Let fate decide it all.


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