Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I woke up at 10am today. Quite late but better than waiting the time to come lo. So, at 10.40am, S.Man came to my house. I changed my clothes after that. Sherlin texted me saying she cannot come. At around 10.50am, S.Sya called and rushed us to go down. I was rushing because I haven’t made up myself. I also haven’t arranged my things in the bag. So, I just put everything into the bag and zoomed off. Dad sent us to JJ, Wangsa Maju.

We went to the toilet first cause we were early. I was shameful because I used the opposite escalator[coming down but I want to go up]. Haish. And then, we headed to McD. And after 15 minutes, B.Teng came with S.Phing and Z.Yin. We bought ice-cream while waiting for the birthday girl and Moon to come. And when they reached, we just chit-chatted and waited for 12 pm to come. Me, Z.Yin, S.Phing and S.Man went to buy the food. 8 carbonate drinks, 8 burgers, 8 french fries. LoL.

After eating, me and B.Teng lied that we wanted to visit the toilet. Actually, we went to buy the birthday cake. The salesgirl asked us what to write on the cake. I said "Happy Birthday Doraemon", the girl asked "Betul ke?". Ha ha. Then, on the way back, I saw my old friends. They were shouting like "Amy!!". I quickly ended our conversation, scared will talk too long. And went back to McD. We sang the birthday song, everybody in McD was looking at us. And then, ate the Mango Mousse cake. They said it wasn't very delicious. After washing my hand, I came back and Z.Yin took the cake cream and put it onto my face. Everyone got it except S.Man and S.Sya if I wasn't mistaken.

Then, went for a walk in MPH. And also in the orange shop [what name dy?]. Forgot. Anyway, we haven’t bought anything yet. So, walked around and I suggested to go into the theme park. Moon, me, Z.Yin and J.Eng bought a lot of coins [tokens]. Others went shopping around but bought nothing. We finished the tokens very fast with playing games like basketball, hockey and the drum. Guess who I saw? Ha ha, I saw Liong Chen Fui, old schoolmate. I didn't realize but S.Man told me. I was surprised. Last time, he always pulls my hair and we argue a lot but now we seemed to be very awkward. I only asked him several questions.

After around 1 hours being in the theme park, we went out and went to MPH again. And I bought some food home for my parents. We took a lot of photos there but unfortunately, when I was trying to send these photos to them, I accidentally deleted it. Everyone was like OhMyGod. Sorry. And then, we went home with something happened before it. Quite upset with it! Anyway, Happy 14th Birthday, Jia Eng! And I also won't forget another birthday girl, Syifa~ Happy 14th Birthday too. Have loads of good returns.

Z.Yin with the ice-cream.

S.Phing loves ice-cream.


Me versus the ice-cream.

Me and the birthday girl, Doraemon.

Moon and me.

Me and S.Sya. So sexy today.

B.Teng and me.

Birthday cake.


I fed her! Wuu! What's the feeling being fed?

Aiks. Cream!!

Cleaning face in the toilet.


Moon with cream.

Picture in Toilet.

B.Teng loves the guy behind me!

B.Teng, me and S.Sya.

B.Teng, me and S.Man.

Z.Yin, Moon, S.Phing, J.Eng, me, B.Teng and S.Sya.

Moon, me and J.Eng.

B.Teng and Moon.

Me and the frog. I thought of taking the "sh*t" but ....

Ha ha ha.

Coins on my hand. This is only half of what we played today.

Dance dance dance.

My favourite.


The birthday girl~

Liong Chen Fui which I think looks like Lee Jian Yu. He is on the red cloth. He still look the same.

B.Teng on action.


See the results? 4:0! At last, I won by 11:9~

Skipped the MPH parts [all deleted].

And finally, home!



XiiaoBenDan said...

can't see the picture,sorry amy,my throat no sound and keep cough ><

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

nvm. important is health.
take care at home!

Qad C said...

its my birthday today.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

happy 18th bday! :)
good lucks & all the best!

3 more years to the key of independent. i still have 7 years to go. ^^