Friday, July 24, 2009


24 July 2009 Friday
Tomorrow is Doraemon's [Jia Eng] birthday!
Today is a windy, sunny and hot day.

First class, BM. Just chatting only. Because only our group of friends finished the 12 literature. So happy~ We were all so free. After that, SEJ. Listened to teacher. BI, copied notes. Recess~ They were pulling my hand. One to the left and another to the right. I thought both my arms are going to come out but luckily it didn't. LoL. This is B.Teng's and Z.Yin's best work in school today. Right?

Science. Listened to the teacher. And KH. This week is going better because I think I am paying more attention to the things I am doing. Unlike last week, very blur. Kinda fun~ Cause we kept on kidding. And cooperation is important. My friends helped me do a little of my job, minimizing my burden. And while cutting, we needed to use a lot of energy, so, I kidded around saying that the job was just like pushing a baby out. Everybody laughs [or even some only]. Ha ha ha.

Slowly, forgetting the person. I knew I can do it. Although I knew I always say I can but it ended, a failure. Everytime, after I did something relating to someone, I will be regretted for my action. I don't know why. I am asking myself, why, at the first place, I can't think twice first?

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jay said...

tht person is khai...wat r?
dunno his name....
he know u like him o not??
ba gua ba gua a little...

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

don't so straight forward leh~
lately, he knew my blogspot address already.