Tuesday, July 21, 2009


[ Date: 5th July 2009 Sunday ]
[ Date of blogging: 21st July 2009 ]
Lazy to postpone or delay things anymore.

That day, we [mum, me and Sue-ann sis] went to Aunt Melissa's house in Kepong at around 6pm. We reached there, I saw my cousins. LoL. Just watched movies together and chit-chatted.

At 8pm, we started listening to the late MJ's songs. It was really wonderful. Everybody was enjoying but Aunt Melissa don't want to listen to it. She claimed that it was boring. She switched to another channel. It was a horror movie. It was quite scary but nice also.

Waited for Aunt Joanne to come home from a wedding dinner and to pick her daughters up. Chatted a bit. And finally, at around 10.30pm, it's shedding tears time. Ha ha. I wasn't very satisfied with this. But just let it be. I am upset - that grandmum's fate is to be like this.

Something happened. Very horrible thing. Me and my sister were being scolded too. They are very good in blaming. If you are not good enough, you don't scold others who aren't too bad. People tend to make mistakes. You did a lot too right? I don't think I will forget this day.

Huh? You think I want to say this? I am still thinking about that although it was already about 3 weeks ago. You [were] once my second sister nightmare and now it might be forever my nightmare. Am I a person who love having a grudge? I myself, aren't sure about this. But what I knew is I am a little different from others. I talk what I think. Unlike others, always keeping in heart, suffering themselves. I am sometimes straight-forward but I knew where to be straight-forward and where to stop.

And most important, I care for people I love. No matter what happens, I want to protect them especially when they are my parents. The blood flowing in my body were originated by them too. If I don't love them, who else can I love? I don't mind being scolded but not for these lame reasons. Moreover, I always use my brain to think, to tolerate and to consider. But some don't quite agree with this. Right?

I don't use bad, harsh or vulgar words and I don't hope because of anything like this made me broke my own principle. And I promised myself, I won't talk any of them. Surprise for my fate and destiny to have such relatives. This post doesn't have any sarcastic intention, meaning or purpose. Just something to make myself more calm and not so angry.

Here some pictures with some of my lovely cousins.

有情有意 [chyng yee] and me. Ha ha.

Simone and Amy. Both 14-year-old.

Simone [Chyng Mun] and her sister, Chyng Yee. The anaconda too.

Grandmother smiling leh.


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