Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eye contact.

21 July 2009 Tuesday.
Rainy day. Clearer view. Cool and refreshing.
Bored but kept on cheering my day.

So, the day was moody. Not a lot, just a little. Lately, laziness occurs. Not much laughter today. But yet, I am happy. First class, BI. Listened to the teacher on how to compose a good essay. BM, did some points on healthy eating. Recess~ Sat in the canteen. Walked around after that. They were pulling hands and pushing Sherlin. Just did something to reduce our boredom.

SIV, chit-chatted with friends at the back of our class. Started raining cats and dogs. S.Sya and S.Phing bothered the Chinese boys about this Saturday. Maths. Just did some exercises. And finally, SEJ. KKSheng and Khaleeda slept during this class. Luckily, teacher wasn't mad. And B.Teng called me from the back, I didn't heard her. She was mad and said I ignored her. But I was doing something else. I am not multi-tasker le. Sorry!

Z.Yin looked tired again. S.Phing looked a lot more quiet. S.Sya didn't act as disgusting as before. Why everyday now seems to be so dull? I must make some laughs to make the day more beautiful. But why can't they make some too? Are they being too serious or am I being too childish?

Invisible. No more eye contact?? Uhh ^^


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