Wednesday, July 22, 2009


22 July 2009 Wednesday.
Drizzling in the morning, sunny in the afternoon.

Today's post is a little bit late. Sorry cause I did my daily routine just now, which is SLEEP. And at 5pm, dad woke me up go to play tennis. We just have 3 new tennis balls and now I destroyed 1. No wonder everytime the balls need to be replaced. My third finger is suffering now. I can't use that finger to type because the tennis racket was too heavy.

This morning, went to school like usual. It's drizzling. Hence, I walked a little faster than usual. Reached school, saw my group of friends again. So happy can meet them~ Then, we skipped our assembly because of the rain [i am happy of this] but wasn't happy because we have to cancel our PJK activities. We were just playing cards in PJK class~ The boys went for PJK. I am very jealous of them.

And then, BM~ teacher divided us into groups and asked us to do drama [dialogue]. I was grouped with Ko Khai Siong. I am happy when I heard teacher announced our names but then, he ruined my life a lot. Because he kept on making jokes. You know, these Malay girls were in love with him. So, they all talked and ignored me. But luckily, KKSiong listened to some of my ideas. Z.Yin, B.Teng, S.Man, S.Sya and S.Phing were in others group. We were all being separated.

Recess~ I was busy eating and writing the script for my group but I think it wasn't good at all. After recess~ went back into the class and started playing cards. Because our Science teacher never attend our class today. We played cards with the Chinese boys. The rules was loser will got to tell everybody a secret that no one had heard before. Ha ha. They were asking a lot of weird questions. I was one of the greatest victims too.

Went down for our curriculum assessment. I forgot to bring my yellow card but fortunately, Puan Mohana is good enough. She gave me a quite-high-mark for Badminton. Because my names wasn't in the list of members in Badminton club. And then, came back to class and played cards again. The boys asked about some disgusting questions. Dunno how to answer actually.

Then, went into the computer laboratory and we were all playing in our friends' blog at Talked nonsense there. But I wasn't used to the keyboard in the laboratory. It was too soft? Walked home with S.Sya, J.Eng and S.Phing.

They said they want to come to my house. Of course, I said okay. I thought they were kidding because everytime, they will walk till the guard house and make an U-turn. But this time, they were real~ Ha ha, so they came to my house and played the computer. And then, while listening to the songs, we played cards again. This time, we wanted to trick J.Eng. HaHahA. You know what? She lose twice with the number 1 [cheh kai].


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