Thursday, July 23, 2009


23 July 2009 Thursday
Rainy and dull day.

You know, I really believe in what Shaun Lee said now. Life is full of ups and downs and life isn't always a bed of roses. Every day is an up and down for me now. It was like Monday [happy], Tuesday [average] and the days consequently. Haish. What a life I had now.

This morning. The floor was wet. Went to school. My shoes was making sounds like "cik cak cik cak". And reached. Everyone was in the hall and canteen. No one was in the assembly hall. Then, went to my friends and started chatting [not chat, they asked me a lot of questions]. Didn't meet for only about 20 hours, so many questions already? Assembly.

First class is Maths. We did it in the 5dk5 class. Drew two circle. Cut it off and paste in the exercise book. Ha ha, me and B.Teng said it's delicious as it looks like PIZZA. Ha ha ha. Then, Geografi class. We went up to 5dk3. And teacher was absent. Everybody was planning for their BM drama. My group too. But KKSiong kept delaying things. You know - if you read this. All the Chinese boys include the most hyper-active one [KKSheng] did their works in their groups but you were joking around~

Recess~ Just walking around. Holding hands and rotating our arms [which hurts a little]. He he. I did it first with Z.Yin and then, B.Teng followed along with our crazy jobs. Then, Seni~ Just listened to my classmates to read biodata of tokoh-tokoh seni. And then, out of a sudden, everybody was looking at me. Teacher asked if I can see the red colour maker pen. Of course I can! The Malay girls said don't know who tell them I cannot see red. I am NORMAL ok! =.=

Last class, Moral. Z.Yin was called to go down for her teeth patching. B.Teng, S.Phing, S.Man and me were just singing quietly at one of the edge of the class. Don't know suddenly, our voices go so high~ LoL. Came home, ate my lunch, opened the computer and finally slept again. How can I reduce my sleeping hours? Ha ha, I think there is no possible ways.


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