Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ha Ha Ha. Let's start my post with some laughs :)

So today. I will again tell you lame stories that happened to me. My english wasn't good enough. My way of writing was out of topic, sometimes. Many people are not writing blog everyday or if they write it everyday, they will stop it someday. I think I will, too.

First class was PJK. I didn't bring my PJK clothes and others were the same. So, we studied in class. We were to present about certain topics. I met two new friends - Chiu Yi and Shi Qi [nice name,same group]. I had met them before but didn't talk. BM class. Teacher gave a some exercises while some of my friends have to do Oral. Our class was popular with our noisiness. LoL.

Recess~ [they said I never wrote about recess, so I will now]. kakaz. We all ate 'nasi lemak' that we bought from Farah. We ate it very seldom. It was delicious and the price was affordable. After eating, we went to the shed near the science lab. Not more than 5 minutes, the bell rang. Got to say byebye to Sherlin and J.Eng.

B.Teng complaint I write too much about Sherlin and J.Eng. So, now I am gonna write more about you. B.Teng, is one of my elder pet sister although she was a little younger than me. According to her, I was older than her 2688 hours [not accurate] but she was much mature. Science~ They copied notes while I did nothing because someone made my book missing which I am currently re-doing the earlier notes.

BI. Laugh laugh and listened to the teacher. I felt great. On the way home, J.Eng said she owns an aeroplane, or did she say helicopter? Aiya, something like that lah. LOL. She was kidding obviously. Then, I took out my hand and do like I have wings. And told them that I can fly but just that today, I don't have enough energy to fly. They thought I am insane. Of course, I am just kidding. S.Sya said I can't fly today because I 不够爱的力量~

He he he. End my post with some evil laughs.


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