Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whole day story.

Tuesday. Time really flies. Or jog? Lol. Silly part.

Today, I woke at 5.15am to wake mum and sister up. They got their own stuff to do. I slept again and officially woke up at 6.25am. 'Brushed my teeth. Took my bag out from the study room. Refilled my water bottle. Changed my clothes and wore my socks. Finally, took my keys and got out from the house.

To school - Denise came from my back. I was a little bit shocked. We walked to school together-gether. Assembly. Miss B.Teng kept tickling and poking my stomach from the back. Geli geli - [if B.Teng saw this]. Went up to class and started our BI class. Did some exercises together with Mr.Asim. After that, BM class. Did an essay on news.

Recess with old people. I mean the people I mentioned before. LoL. Played the liquid paper with J.Eng. And SIV~ Teacher was absent because baby is coming out soon. We [6] were chatting about S.Phing's stuff. S.Phing was kind of mad but kept laughing when scolding. Everyone was emotional except me and Z.Yin. I meant, they weren't quarrelling but just talking in a good way in sarcastic words. I gave some ideas and my own opinions while Z.Yin just kept quiet.

Maths class. I was a little blur during this class. Or maybe I was blur the whole day. And lastly, Sej. Went into the media room. I squeezed my brain. My brain was crowded. B.Teng kept complaining about how slow I replied her sms. Slow meh? I type as fast I could but it took time for Hotlink to sent the precious sms to you de ma. Z.Yin looked dull the whole day cause she was tired. But I could make her laugh easily. Wakaka xD

Everything went smoothly but just not that. Being ignored a lot today. AND miracles happened finally. On the way back home, we talked. I was so happy even only said a few sentences to me. It was very obvious. I was delighted after that. Kept laughing and smiling.



XiiaoBenDan said...

HAHA~he was so hum sup :X...don't like him keep talking those words @@...by the way...very nice to play the liquid paper huh?:X...LOL

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

not fun. but fun to play with the person~ kakaz.

hum sap a? ya lo.