Friday, July 17, 2009

You think I think?


First class, BM. Presentation on Komsas. Some were absolute boring. While others were ok-ok. Then, at 8.10am, the form3 students arrived at the main door of our class. There were around 80 of them. So much~ We went to 3dk9. And there were some conflict happened. But it was just a small matter. SEJ and BI.

Recess. I thought of going to meet Puan Muntia with Z.Yin but after that, J.Eng, Sherlin, B.Teng followed us too. 5 people. I think teacher was suprised. I gave her the "kad laporan" and school fee. After that, we went down to canteen. I said I walked like a gangster but they said I don't look like. More like a crab huh? 5 little gangster lol.

form 3 students didn't arrange back the chairs. It was a big mess. We cleaned it up. Science. Teacher was absent. Just chit-chatted below the ceiling fan. And last class, KH. Continued our wood project. I did a lot of mistakes which make me needed to change a lot of my planning. So sad. But Sherlin and J.Eng came from the next class and helped me do a little. They were pro. I am so not good in this. And somebody don't want to help me, so self-fish~



XiiaoBenDan said... mean who don't want to help you? xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha you knew de. not girl.