Thursday, July 16, 2009


This morning, went to school like usual. S.Man was absent because she went to see the doctor. She already made an appointment since erm, few months ago at the General Hospital. Assembly I sat behind Z.Yin and B.Teng. So, I tried several times to poke B.Teng's stomach but I failed my attempt.

First class, Maths. Teacher was absent [for the second time of the year?]. I think so. But she is very responsible. She gave us some notes to be copied. Geografi. Teacher gave us some soalan kilat [lightening questions?]. Recess at 1010~ With them :) J.Eng, B.Teng and Z.Yin poked my stomach at the same time making me fell from the bench in the canteen. My reaction was big, according to them.

Seni class~ Art teacher represent our class teacher to collect school fees and to measure our height and weight. We all chinese busy looking at people's weight and height. Especially that KKSiong. Non-stop teasing others. And finally, I can tease him back~ Ha ha ha. Moral. After doing some exercises, chit-chatted again.

I ran around to look for J.Eng. I meant walking fast and not running around. She laughed because I was so panicked and nervous searching for her. Then, we walked out of the school together with Sherlin. Reached the place that she always wait for the bus [why this sentence sounds weird?]. I accompanied her to wait for her bus where she used to dating with J.Yu [this one is superb kidding, don't get mad]. And I kept on laughing like an insane after seeing someone's face. J.Eng also cannot endure with me already~ LoL.


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