Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A conversation.

I was complaining to Shi Yee, on how my Wangsa Maju friends had forgotten me.

ShiYee: lol...amy cheer up~dun b so moody...but i oso moody this day...duno why~mayb mayb maybe i too miss u gua~hehez cheer up k?

Amy: i felt so regret after moving school. thought everyone will remember me. but i think even sen had forgotten me.but nevermind le. everyone have their own life right now. i miss the time everyone cares for me. now no more~ haish.

And then, when I was chatting with her. She told me that Sen and MeiYee asked about me. I felt relieved and better, that they never forget me yet*. You know, I miss them too much. Especially Ang, Sen, Shi Yee, Mei Yee, Carmen, and others.

I also miss their hugs, I got a lot of hugs the last day I was proudly a SMKWMer. And the HI-5 from all the boys too. Even those Malay boys whom I rarely talk to (always argued), gave me a hand-shake and a sweet little hi-5. They are really forever in my heart. Sometimes, I feel it's very different in 2dk11 - don't have that type of warm feeling & i always need to argue to get something.

Shi Yee told me she likes 3 persons in 2 years, she gave me a lot of clue but I am still lack of clues. I couldn't guess, so next time if you feel like telling me, then tell lo. I am quite a good listener! He he. We also make an appointment to meet after her PMR. I am excited for this~ So long never see her but she needs to put more efforts for her coming PMR. All the best to her! And more hot news, she is fasting like the Malays did. I got scolded for saying fasting is only for Malays. And a lot of other things we chatted.

Thanks for telling me everything, ShiYee. I will start texting them again. I will forever remember you and other SMKWMers, although I am already an ex-SMKWMer. Forever friends.



Anonymous said...

i didnt forget you dear! sorry for not talking to you on MSN, i was damn busy :/

everytime i wanna talk to you on MSN but idk what to say to you :)) maybe bcs havent met very long already~

ily <333333

Syifa said...

amyy , kiterorng tk lupe amy pun lahh.
klu amy on pun tktau nk ckp ape :S
sorryyy .

we always miss you ++ love you <33:)

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

sorry for making you worry.
i don't mean to.

and i miss you all too.
takey k!

Anonymous said...


Fish said...

i told u~
no one forget u la~~
u are sosososososo good!
sosososo cute!
sososososo nice!
how can ppl forget u?

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

wow..amy....u meet many good friends.......that nice...

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

if compare to danau kota friends.....ur wangsa maju friends much better...can be trust.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

thks everyone.
i mean it.
i will never forget times in WM.

And for jumbohead, a lot better right? Obvious as obvious. No true friend. Anyway, just trying to keep up.

^^ cheers.