Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay, let make it fast.
I only got 15 minutes to post this.

On Sunday which was 23rd of August, we, the whole family sent my sister back to Johor to continue her study after being home for around one week. [sounds like sending her very far right?]. No lah, she's coming back almost every month.

So, that day, after lunch, we together went to Puduraya. Mum and both my sisters went to buy the ticket while me and dad waited in the car as dad forgot to bring his handphone. Wait and wait and wait. Finally, they came back to the car, and they said mum thought she was being pick-pocketed because her Prada's zip was opened but she was wrong, nothing was missing. [Luckily, because sister's handphone and everything was inside].

The bas is going to come and move at 2.30pm. The clock showed 1pm. Mum planned to go to Pudu to have our teatime break. I miss PUDU so much. It's my hometown and it was once, mum’s house. I used to play with my cousins there every weekend and overnight there everytime there’s long holidays. I wished the house is still available for us to play but NO MORE. Because my uncle rented it to a restaurant owner who then, renovated the house until SO NICE with air-conditional but when I am back there, no more "kampung" feeling.

Anyway, we went to the Cendol stall. Last time, uncle sold at 90 cent, now the price increases to RM1.40. But his Cendol is still the nicest. We went looking around in Pudu and mum met a lot of her long-lost neighbours. The Indian uncle still recognizes me, last time he called me something like chubby cute girl! Everything changes after 4 years of renting my grandparents’ house to another person. After eating, the clock showed 1.45pm. We quickly rushed back to Puduraya bus-station.

This time, I followed my mum to sent sister into the bas, safely. We waited for the Hasry bas to reach. A bas reached at 2.15pm, but the bas driver claimed that the bas was for people who bought the 1.30pm ticket. So, we waited until 2.45pm, the bas reached and farewell to my sister. I think mum wanted to cry but she stopped herself. He he.

I think she is coming back again for Raya and so on. Hope she will enjoy herself there with her new friends :) Good-BYE again. And good-bye to my eldest sister who went back to UPM yesterday. Hope they will be happy studying in University, wonderful life whereas, I am still in Secondary school only!

People patiently waiting in platform 4.

Hasry. 40-seats.

Selamat Jalan!

Pudu. Once was bomba-station, now I don't know what it is.

Shops. Grandmother's neighbour surely still staying in the precious and wonderful place.

Can you see the person showing peace with purple colour cloth? That's her, my sister. BYE.


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