Friday, August 21, 2009


~A day not to remember~

21 August 2009 Friday.
Sunny, Windy and Hazy.
Happy Holidays, friends! Take care.

After finishing my responsibility to write in Our Stories, I am back here to write on my very own blog. I felt tired and restless everytime I started to think seriously.

My sister sent me to school today, maybe the this is the last time as she is going back to her Uni on Sunday. On the way, we saw a dead cat, still a baby cat and it's dead! Sympathetic. During assembly, we can't sit on the floor as it was wet because of the downpour early in the morning.

Moral students of Form 2 and 4 were needed to attend a lecture as the Malays were going to pray in the Surau. I thought it was going to be a lecture for us but it turned up to be a video [Indonesia movie] with loads of morale values in it. The sun shone right on our heads, so we have to moved to the back of the hall. We chit-chatted and played, we didn't pay much attention on the movie.

Recess~ After being in the canteen for nearly 10 minutes, we went to the library to cool down ourself. To dried up our sweat? [ha, kidding]. I took 3 books for them to read, but none of them touched it except B.Teng. Bell rang and we headed back to class at 10.30am. Science class. New chapter: Dynamics. We learnt what are force, pull and push. Teacher called out a lot of students [boys] to become the white mouse [experiment materials].

S.Man kicked KKSiong. KKSiong kicked S.Man. Both their legs were red and I can see bruises on their legs. Husband and wife is always like that de, I can't help but just to see them fighting. I think they purposely and intentionally make some scars on their lovers, so, they won't forget each other. What a good idea right? He he.

KH class. We continued spraying our wooden project. Me, Z.Yin and B.Teng finished doing our projects already but S.Man and S.Phing haven't. We helped them to paint their projects with each colour on our hand [Amy, black] [B.Teng, white] [Z.Yin, grey]. So fun~ We cleaned the class when it's time to go home. We are so kind right? He he.

We were hugging each other before went home. Z.Yin kept complaining I am going too far away when hugging. But I think I am a little sensitive on this. ~.~ And while me and S.Phing walking home, we realized Jian Yu missed his bus, he was a little panicked but still managed to run and walk at the same time. Pity him.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

lol...he really miss the bus? juz now a friend already remind him his bus was went off.....but he thaught he is joking with he do he go back home?
his home quite far

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

run and walk abit.
kesian his home far.
i kept asking where is his home, he said very near only.