Thursday, August 27, 2009


I hate my new hairstyle!

1. On the majesty's secret service. 大内密探灵灵狗 [009].
2. 40 minutes inside Bowling Ampang.
3. McDonald [again!].
4. Times Square.

I don't know this trip is a nightmare or a good thing. First time, I got to see somebodies' real face. I meant, finally, I knew what they actually are ; what they are like. Nobody will understand this type of feeling. Anyway, everyday is a day, crying wouldn't stop the time, smiling will be the same, why not smile everyday right? Instead of making our life terrible because of those meaningless people.

Z.Yin, me and J.Eng.

The ballerina.

The one who wore like ballerina.

Group picture 1.

Group picture 2.

Bee Teng.

Me and the pretty girl.

Precious person.
Bowling. SY for Sya, MM for Amy, MN for Man, Sin for Kai Sing, Bee for Bee Teng, Yin for Zhen Yin, Eng for Jia Eng.

This is my new friend. LOL.

Watermelon or bowling? Confused aint?

MCD again~



Ad said...

waaaah!!! bestnye u all!!

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

maybe not.

Ad said...

y not??
haha,,jealous look at the picture..
wanna play bowling too...


amy美琪-kaykay- said...

some kind of problems occured.
yea~bowling best!

Ad said...

long time not play bowling,,really2 miss at the ball haha...

problems?? solve it la...