Friday, August 28, 2009

3rd meeting.

3rd meeting of the school holidays.
I really really HATE my hairstyle now. Look like "Ah PO".
28 August 2009 Friday.
Three more precious days before school reopens.

The two who were absent with reasons.
S.Man is scared of exercises, S.Sya's mum don't let her to come.

Early in the morning, I woke up. At 10am, B.Teng said her mum will come and fetch me along to S.Phing's house. So, allright. We reached there at 10.20am. We went in and climbed up the stairs to go to S.Phing's house. Nobody's home. So, we went down again. And I texted S.Phing.

Z.Yin and S.Phing came together from Z.Yin's house. S.Phing went there to surf the Internet. So, we started playing in the tennis court. I played with her standard 5 brother, he was very talented. I lose without any faces. Anyway, after that, we planned to play 3 versus 3. But the boys started boasting with saying 2 [boys] versus 4 [girls]. Okay, sure as sure. 4 people is hard to play in a small court.

We played and played. They won by 50-22. I was like "cheh, cause you smashed a lot ma!". They really smashed right after we responded to them. It was like 40 points of their group came from smashing. 10 points from our recklessness. I beat the ball the most. Others were standing like pillar. 气死我了!

Then, we went in to the squasy court inside Teratai Mewah. And we started playing squash. I wasn't playing very well. Thus, I passed it to another person. And went to the other court with Z.Yin. After that, I saw B.Teng and W.Yang coming and wanted to play with us. So, we played again. And again after that. W.Yang were tired, and I won a lot! I was sweating like piggy. Anyway, we went to S.Phing's house after that. The dodol were extremely delicious.

Run lah run lah~

Cutie boy. I don't know his name. I called him 小弟弟 the whole day. He was playing my handphone the whole day. LOL. So chubby! At first, he is a bit 害羞 with me but now, he could laugh and play with me like any others.

Z.Yin together with WeiYang VS me and B.Teng. Jumbohead, I can feel the smell of vinegar,now. He he he. Siew Phing's brother is good-looking and talented somemore. But luckily, he is only standard 5! Z.Yin wouldn't be interested in small boys.



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