Friday, August 7, 2009


07 August 2009 Friday
Hot windy hazy.
Happy Grade Two.

This morning, I went to book the tennis court. The guards said today is 6 August, I was like "NOT 7 meh?". He still claimed that today is 6! And I said "ok ok, 6, then I want to book the tennis court from 4-6pm today". He then turned to me and said 5pm i booked by another person. I was like HUH? Booking a court is so troublesome? Eventually, he wrote down my address and name for 3-5pm.

Reached school, just standing and talking to my friends in OLD PLACE [lao di fang, Genting Highlands]. Actually, it's just in our school canteen. Assembly. I was asking B.Teng whether today is 6 or 7 August. She said 7! I knew it. The guard in-charge got problem! Some more, don't really know how to talk English. Slightly because they come from Indonesia or where is it? IDK.

First class, BM. We went to the Art room which was two blocks away from my class. We were to copy notes for literature. Nothing really happened in there. Next, SEJ class. Marking others' exam papers. Coincidentally, I got KKSiong's. I only achieved 70% for this subject. BI class. I got 88%. Recess~ GOOOSSSSIP-ing in canteen with B.Teng, S.Sya, S.Man, Z.Yin, Sherlin and J.Eng. We all did expressed our own feeling except for J.Eng who was blur blur.

Science class. Headed back to class. Chasing up Sherlin. LOL. Science. I got 83% for this subject. Incredibly, unbelievable. Because I don't really know what I was doing for this paper. S.Phing got 80% although she have memorised all the pH value. I felt surprised and shocked for my result. Anyway, thanks teacher but, apparently, I think there is one mistake which will minus my marks to 81 or 82%.

KH lessons. Continued doing our wooding jobs. I helped a lot of people knocked their nails into the woods. Today, don't know why, I can do a lot of wooding jobs successfully. And I helped a lot of my friends to cut their wood or knocked, etc. So proud. Ha ha ha! Home at 12.45pm. Before getting home, I went to the guard house ever again to book for 7August2009, 4-6pm! Later, my friends are coming for exercises. Ha ha, see, I will miss out my sleeping time today. What a saddening dismay right!


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