Friday, August 7, 2009

Study group.

Event: 31st July 2009 Friday.
Members : B.Teng, Z.Yin, S.Phing, S.Sya, Moon and me.
Location: My house's study room.

I couldn't remember well, what was going on that day . I just knew we had study group on the subject Science. I was sitting at the BOSS place. Ordering people to stuff. B.Teng and S.Sya was sitting on the yellow hand lazy chair. While others sat on normal chair. We revised Science of the chapter "Water and Solution".

They came to my house at 4pm. The study group ended at 6pm.

Here go some videos I took during the study group :-

Bee Teng reading some of the contents in the text book. Open louder speaker for better understanding. Ha ha.

Zhen Yin reading the Science. I knew Jumbohead love this video. Ha ha. I am not sure whether the dilute word is pronouns as "die lute" or "di lute". Bee Teng said it would be "di lute". Any ideas? Ha ha!


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