Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I studied so hard yesterday. Online for few minutes only. I was studying in front of computer as the study room was occupied by my eldest sister, Sue-ann. Her models and boards made me felt dizzy and the room was too messy, the reason why I dislike her studying course although she would have her bright future.

What happened to me? I am sick? But not H1N1. Yesterday, I felt unwell because I kept on sneezing. I then went to sleep at 12am. I slept with my parents. My eldest sister, Sue-ann, had her overtime job in the study room until 5 or 6 am. Then, I kept on waking up and going to the toilet. Stomachache and headache. Everywhere also aching. Haiz.

I felt very uncomfortable. Sister came out from the room and asked me what happened, I ran to the toilet and vomitted. All the food I ate yesterday came out. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I VOMIT OVER 14 YEARS OF SURVIVING. I felt disgusting. I might be eating too much or was it food poisoning? Vomit TWICE, it's laborious, troublesome and most probably, I am the one who suffered the pain. Being good and obedient, I ate 2 types of medicine given by mum. Till now, I can still feel the pain inside my stomach.

05 August 2009 Wednesday
Exam, Month August, Day Two.
Phobia of vomiting.
Happy, Grade Three.

This morning, I just slept peacefully for an hour or a little more. At 6am, I woke up together with mum. Mum cooked me porridge. Must eat it although kinda dislike eating congee. I reached school at around 7.05am. I saw my friends meticulously reading books. Diligent huh? Assembly, I was reading History as I thought it would be the hardest or the second hardest but it wasn't.

8am. Geografi. Subjectives were in front and objectives were at the back of the 4 pages exam paper. I did the subjectives first. I think I can get 80% of them correct while objectives were just okay. I mislead a lot of things. I am scared to think what the conclusion would be like - happy and delighted or sad and disappointed.

9.10am. Sejarah. 50 objective questions. I think I could at least got 30 questions correct [or more]. Luckily, there weren't any questions that followed with a map. I hate maps and very unfortunately, Geography was the subject to have alot of MAPs as a compulsory.

Recess. Studied at the staircase with B.Teng, Z.Yin, S.Phing, Sherlin and J.Eng. But none of the contents that I read or memorised was asked in the exam.

11am. Maths. I was shivering. Objectives were easy in the first part and was confusing in the last part. The subjectives were worst. Nostalgia. When I was in standard 4, I couldn't finish my Maths exam which make me LOVE Maths even more after that. And this time, in form 2, I was extremely blur. Now, I couldn't think but just hoping I won't get a B. Instead of getting 90% and more.

12.10am. Science. Hah. Funny part. It was such confusion and bewilderment. Objectives and subjectives were just to be the same. I am just guessing everything. I read a lot for Science, yet, those that I read never come out. And those I didn't even wanted to touch, ALL CAME OUT. Haish. My stomachache was still here when the bell rang, signing that it's time to get home. Drizzling.

Bye. I must go to bath right now. If I don't do so, I will get fever and I will feel regret again. And after I got fever, I can't go to school. If I didn't go to school, I will missed out a lot of lessons = mountains of knowlegde. And I will become more stupid, in fact. So, let's make it short, I am going to take a shower RIGHT NOW or else I will kept on mumbling and nagging like a grandmother here! LOL.


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