Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Exam, Month August, Day One.
04 August 2009 Tuesday.
Happy, Gred Four.

Today, a number of peoples did actions or things that I don't like. But I don't felt like being angry or mad because of this. After few minutes, I felt okay and I was like "who cares?". Why keep grudges and suffer myself? Just be relax and think in the positive way. And the main point is, I regretted for one of my million actions today. I feel like saying sorry. Hope I will be forgiven or am I too sensitive, if the person isn't angry? LOL.

BM test. I thought don't have subjectives. But I was wrong. There are some subjective questions. I was twisting and squeezing my brain thinking of who killed "Mat Arshad" and finally after 15 minutes, I remembered, it's "Pandak Indut". I wrongly spelt it, supposed to be "Pandak Endut", hope teacher won't mind. And the last part, I think I got a lot of them wrong.

BI test. All objectives. No big deal but some of them, I wasn't sure but kind of guessing it would be correct. And after the exam, many people came to me and asked what is the answer for number 1. I said A = restaurant. Everybody thought my answer will be the correct one but I am not the teacher, I myself also wasn't very sure. Don't put high expectation, hope and confident on me. I will lose self-esteem if I am to be wrong.

Moral test. I am done with this. Objective questions 95% were easy. I was kinda happy but suddenly, came a question numbered 16, I was surprised and confused. Subjectives were very hard! I meant all the answers were so close and I was like it supposed to be with this but it likely to be better with that. LOL. Confused ain't? Now, I am pretty scared of this paper, in fact.

Tomorrow's papers [History, Geography, Science, Maths] are going to be much harder and tougher. OMG. Can't imagine taking 4 killer papers at the same day. I am going to be so dead. Anyway, now, my planning for today is drink a cup of nice Milo first, then, sleep a while only I will start work. Hope I can follow the planning, and not sleep like pig till 6pm which means I will start watching TV from 6 to 8pm and then only start my hard work. Anyways, JIA YOU everybody~


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