Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am not trying to be EMO. And I don't want to be EMO.

But I am superb upset today. Today, I sent my sister off. She needs to return to Johor after one week being with us. I hope everything would be fine over there, her friends, her homework, her Uni stuff.

And I lied. I felt uneasy. For the first time for big lie [except playing the LIAR, I am a big liar while playing the LIAR]. "Liar, liar, pants on fire". LOL. I felt down. Although yesterday was a very delighting day, today's not supposed to be the bad day.

Moody~ But I didn't show it out actually. I am in a real big dilemma. No one will understand me. I meant NO ONE. How could... How could...

Today, I got angry on small matters. Such as:-

1. I smsed ShiMan. She didn't reply me. I knew she have credit, but she didn't reply me. I don't know whether she didn't get my message or she intended not to reply, so that I will call her [like usual]. Usually, I won't mind but today..... I don't know why!

2. Mum asked me to iron my clothes. I tried my best to delay things. But then, after some minutes, my mood get back and I started ironing my clothes. Constantly, reducing my sadness.

3. Dad asked me to help him to paste something from the newspaper. And I asked him back "why wouldn't you paste it yourself?". But finally, I pasted it as I was feeling obliged and guilty. LUCKILY, DAD WASN'T ANGRY AT ME.

4. Eldest sister asked me to take pencils for her. And I went into the study room, the pencils is just in front of her. There were around 8 of them and I was like "Can't you see there are pencil's' just in front of you?". And she replied me "Cause I want to see you ma!". And then, my mood gets back.

5. I am planning for my money matters. I hope I will solve problems fast. I am using a lot of money lately. I probably don't know where the money is going to. But I am out of money. Financial problem. Although the problem wasn't TOO deep yet. But I want to be a good financial manager.

6. When I knew she was using the same theme as I did, I quickly changed the theme in my handphone. She once, said that the theme that I downloaded into my phone was UGLY and she wouldn't want to send the theme to her phone. But she sent it to her phone without my acknowledge and uses it till now. I am angry and I had a big reaction which was, I DELETED THE THEME. Now, I felt I am too silly. Why follow my way? I hate people who isn't original enough!




Fish said...

amy cheer up~
dun b so moody...
but i oso moody this day...
duno why~
mayb mayb mayb i too miss u gua~
jz cheer up k?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i felt so regret after moving school.

thought everyone will remember me.

but i think even sen had forgotten me.

but nevermind le. everyone have their own life right now.

i miss the time everyone cares for me.

now no more~


amy美琪-kaykay- said...

take care and cheer up too, Shiyee.

forever rmb your hug.
and others' hugs.
so much hugssss.

and the hi-5 from the guys~


Fish said...

dun say like this later i perasan~
haih ya~
miss me then after pmr we go dating la~~
miss my hug..
then when we dating then i hug u until u puas hati la~