Sunday, August 30, 2009


Just now, got a motorist hit on my dad's car's side mirror. Dad was still blur when it happened. And after the person went away, only dad asked me if the window is badly scratched. I told dad there's a small scar on the window. I don't think dad mind because he didn't have a look on it. LOL. Dad was figuring a lot of stuff when driving. When I talked to him, he didn't listen and he said he can't stop thinking. ==".

If the songs from the radio get a little more sentimental, my tears could have dropped. But I didn't. I am very lonely this merdeka. Sisters weren't home. All busy with their own stuff. Friends, the only way is to sms them. I miss everyone. I don't know who I can actually, turn to. I am quite alone. lonely~

Last year merdeka was good, my cousins and relatives came to my house to overnight. It was a nice memory, we waited for the needle of the clock to strike 12. And then, me and my cousins sang the national anthem when the fire works was released. Seriously, it was very fun and exciting. And the next morning, we woke up, went for a swim and so on. This year isn't the same, no more. Haiz.


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