Sunday, August 30, 2009


Two days since I have updated my blog.
I reckon, next year, I won't have so much time to come and write here as I am having a major exam.

Play hard, Work hard, Eat hard, Sleep hard. Haa.
AND Happy 52 Malaysia Independence Day.

..Dad was sneezing, and he was using a tissue paper..
Amy: Hey, don't use a tissue paper, it will only worsen your flu.
Dad: Then, what shall I use?
Amy: Handkerchief.
Dad: Okay then, take me one.
Amy: Nah, here you go.
..and I grinned..
Dad: Er, no, thanks. I have one on my own.
..I think dad thought the handkerchief too girlish, perhaps.

...This morning...
Mum: Wake up, piggy! Accompany me to the morning market.
Amy: Hah? Again?
Mum: Don't you want to eat delicious breakfast.
Amy: Are you rewarding or blackmailing me? Okay sure, going to market is my favourite right!

...This morning...
It was drizzling, I was holding an umbrella.
Mum: Higher, higher. The umbrella is knocking my head.
Amy: I not enough tall la.
Mum: Your hand, not your height.
Amy: Aiyaa. My hand is numbing already.
Mum: Change to the other hand loh~

A old Indian man was at my back when mum was buying something. Insane~ He coughed on my hair. Drats. Pretty disgusting. I knew my hair is very ugly already. And as soon as I got home, I quickly went to the toilet and have my hair washed. As dad says, it's very bacterial. Oh god, my hair, my hair!

...Hours ago...
..When I was sms"ing" with several of my friends inside my room..
Dad: Amy, you are wanted!
Amy: By who?
..I thought my friend called..
Dad: Outside here.
Amy: For what?
Dad: Help mum to dry the blanket.
Amy: Why don't you come and help us also?
Dad: Because you're more professional.
Amy: Oh I see, then, professional shall get higher salary?
Dad: 100 dollar / month is a lot.
Amy: Wow, I don't think I am getting dollar. 100 dollar = 380 ringgit. Very well, my pocket money had increases.
Dad: Dream lah~

...After lunch just now, minutes ago, in kitchen...
Amy: Why is this apple so red?
Dad: Red apple lah.
Amy: No, why is it purple in colour?
Dad: Purple apple lah.
Amy: Got blue one or not?
Dad: Can also, if you have magic.
Amy: Sure I can, with water colours, so easy!

..With my aunt..
Melissa YeYe: Amy. What you doing.
Amy: Looking around.
Melissa YeYe: Looking around where?
Amy: Internet, facebook.
Melissa YeYe: Ic. Ok.
Amy: Mum is sleeping.
Melissa YeYe: Clever, I wanted to ask and you type already. Clever.
Amy: Hee hee.

*Words and sentences changed. Meaning remains.



XxPrInCeSS SheLL said...

O.o I don't know that using tissue will make flu worst....where you get that , Amy? How about cough... will tissue make it worst?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

my mum is a nurse.
she told me that.

because the tissue got de small small particles that can go into your nose and worsen your flu.

i am not saying that it cannot be used. handkerchief is 'better'.

XxPrInCeSS SheLL said...

haha thx for the replied.
And your day mjore like a "joke"
very funny hahaha

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

welcome and thanks for commenting too, mich. :D

Anonymous said...

aha! nice one! xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

?? nice ??