Monday, September 7, 2009


I am enjoying sleeping late. I slept at 2.30am that day, two days ago. I onlined and found many people were surfing the net, so I stayed up late, playing Facebook. But I was scared as I was alone in the living room with the heavy downpour outside. LOL, my black panda bear eyes are going to be even darker, I am sure.

7 September 2009.
No, it's fun.

I kicked start my day with my breakfast. A normal one. And packed my bag, got ready for another week of schooling. I walked to school alone, with my fast moves. I hoped to reach school soon, so that, there's somebody I know. And finally reached school, saw my friends in the canteen. Everybody looks dull but I am sure I am the one who are going to cheer them up :)

Skipped the long assembly as the Form 5 students are having trial. We headed to the class, and chit-chatted before first class started, and it started not long after we started chatting. KH class, teacher was teaching a new chapter, interesting. Second class supposed to be Moral but Sivik teacher came in. Teacher told us about this the week before, but I thought teacher wasn't sure. So, I just brought my exercise book, leaving behind my text book. And those Chinese boys were blaming me for not informing them~

Recess~ KH teacher asked me to help her to collect books from my friends. I thought it was just the note book but she also wants the exercise book. The prefects at the staircase didn't allow us to go through it. I said I am the PKBP student as I am wearing the red name tag, they laughed and they let us to go down, how lovely! I finished up my exercise book in the school hall before submitting it to the teacher. LOL.

Science class, trying hard to listen attentively to the teacher, but I think I could only absorb 50%, the most. The class was chaotic. Next, Geografi class at Media room. Me and Z.Yin was queueing up but we were still at the back, so, we don't have the chance to sit in front, just at the back, but luckily, she accompanied me. If not, I am going to be alone. Hee. Clueless.

Last class, Maths. Confused on the new chapter : Transformation. Many of them haven't done the exercises given by the teacher. I done it but wasn't very sure. But I got most of it correct, thanks god. 10 minutes before going home, teacher borrowed my eraser as I am sitting right in front of her. She used the eraser and smiled. And then told me that it looked like "jelly". We all laughed.

Home at 1.10pm. Accompanied J.Eng to wait for her bus. Chit-chatting with J.Eng, S.Sya and S.Phing. They are fun and I am enjoying being with them. Not so tense. OK, that's all, bye - rushing to Facebook for updates.


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