Monday, September 7, 2009


Just now, one of my friends who was thinking a little out of the way, sms"ed" me and told me that she is stress and claimed that I don't understand her, as I am happy everyday.

And I replied her with this :-
How you know I am truly happy? I am stress, everyone is. But I want my days to be good as I don't know when I can live till. Everyday is a day, I chose to be happy rather than to be sad.

I know what is the feeling being stress, as I am a human-being too. I totally know how it feels but when it comes to handling stress, not everyone know how to handle it. I myself wasn't very sure if I can handle my stuff. But I tried my best not to be angry, moody [maybe sometimes on blog] but not on my life with family and friends.

I don't want others to be worried of me, so I smiled and make jokes everyday although some of the jokes are too LAME and my smiles are too FAKE. Some thought I am crazy or insane, some thought I active or cheerful. Everyone could be, if they have the initiative to do so. LOL. To be honest, I don't like to smile as smiling needs a lot of energy, especially flexing those muscles and nerves. But I want to smile although things don't go right.

For her:
Everybody cares for you, included me. I know how you feel, when not everyone agrees with you. And sometimes, we need to care for somebody else, so, someday, they will care for us when we are not so happy! And ps ps: Don't always be moody and angry in class, I don't want to see that, it burdens me a lot, also~ Hee2. Thus, cheers. Not everyone is having life like us, we shall be really grateful!


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