Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holidays ended.

Finally, the Raya holidays came to the end. Could anyone help me to stop the time now? I was reading several blogs just now and realized how much they wanted school to reopen. I was asking myself, why I dislike going to school? What's the problem? And I can't figure it out till now. I am too lazy. I wish I could wake up at 10am everyday.

I knew everytime after holidays, there is surely something that will make me to stress up. I could probably said it is the EXAMS. Year-end exam is here and I never touch any reading materials till now. I am regret for wasting my times loitering around here and there.

FRIDAY - Exercise at friends' house [ 4 hours ].
SATURDAY - One Utama [ 5 hours ].
SUNDAY - HOME, most of the time.
MONDAY - HOME, most of the time.
THURSDAY - HOME, most of the time.
FRIDAY - JUSCO [ 3 hours ], BBQ [ 4 hours ].
SATURDAY - KLANG [ 7 hours ].
SUNDAY - Bukit Jalil [ 2hours ], Kepong [ 4 hours ].
And I was playing Facebook's apps for most of the times in home.

No more time, I can guess. In another three more weeks, a quite major exam comes and when it's time, I am going to study for the whole day for the whole week. And I hate it very much. Last minute preparation is always my method of studying. Cheers.


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