Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Saturday.

25th September 2009, 7 am.
Woken by sister to go swimming early in the morning. Freezing inside the water.

25th September 2009, Johnny Restaurant, Jaya Jusco.
Ate some dessert, bought Sushi home.

Banana split.

My second sister.

Red bean.

Is it wintermelon? I forgot already.

25th September 2009, 6pm, Sya Sya’s house.
At 6.00pm, me and my sister went to fetch Z.Yin and S.Man. At around 6.15pm, we reached Sya’s house and saw J.Hui playing PS. I went outside to see the BBQ thingy. And everyone then came outside. We were chatting and playing. Great times were installed.

A lot of food was prepared by Sya’s mum. Thanks. We barbeque and ate what we had barbequed. The clock showed it was 8.30pm when we finished eating. I went to ask Sya whether she had any board games in her house. She brought out “Scrabble”. And we played it. I finished my alphabets with the word “HELL”. I won by the help of my sister.

Later on, we played cards and PS, I don’t know how to fight, so when I was playing, J.Hui kept taking my PS and helped me to revenge on B.Teng. =.= I never play one on my own. But never mind la, I also don’t understand the game. Just pressing everywhere I could.

At 10.30pm, my sister fetched S.Man, J.Hui and Z.Yin home. When we were driving Z.Yin home, I was really scared by the road going into Z.Yin’s house. It was dark and silent, scary. And we successfully come out from that area. I was amused that all my friends called my sister, "jie jie". And finally, we sent S.Man and her brother home.

BBQ fire.

They said S.Man looked thin cause she hiding behind me. And I purposely took another picture hiding behind her. LOL.

From clockwise: S.Man, Amy, B.Teng, J.Eng and Z.Yin.



Eat eat eat.

S.Man took a photo like this and showed it to everyone saying that I am fat. Very true, indeed.

My back and my sister's back.

Me and J.Eng.

Me and Z.Yin.

Who's the fastest to unwrap their birthday present?


S.Sya's laptop, displaying my ugly picture. This photo can be found inside her laptop and her phone. They said it's cute, I said it's extremely ugly.

J.Hui at the back, sister in front.