Saturday, September 12, 2009


I would want to, if you read this. Take a mirror and see yourself. You really spoilt my mood for yesterday, don't think your influence is too much for this. You aren't!

One question: Am I wrong if I don't want to answer calls and blocked people in msn? I thought it is my right?

Yesterday, a girl added me. When she started the conversation, it was some kind of harsh words, I thought of stopping to chat with her but she started to say something which interest me a lot. She is the friend of Ian, the person who called me, but I didn't answer and blocked him on msn. It must be Ian who asked her to spy on me.

She said, "You B*TCH". What? Do you mean b*tch? Some more, said, I am ugly, fat, poor, bitch and etc? Drats, even related to my family! I knew I am not pretty, very clear of that. I don't know you, you don't know me, suddenly said all those things. She really did test my patience and I felt like wanting to hit her.

You said you are rich, I am very poor. You said you are pretty, I am very ugly. You said you are slim, I am fat and wearing big t-shirt, wearing aunty's dress. You said you have tons of boy friend and I don't have one. You said your English is good and my English is very bad. You said you are from a private sector school and I am from a government school. You said I am annoying. You said your hair is beautiful, and my hair sucks [not harsh] and loads more which related to my self-esteem. Allright, my answer is, I don't mind being poor, I don't mind being ugly, I don't mind being fat. I don't mind being single, I don't mind my English is worst than yours, I don't mind I am from government school and I don't think I am annoying! You are more annoying, indeed. BUT please don't ever you involve around my family! IRRITATING PEOPLE. And I don't want to say this, you have no proof you are better than me, even your English, I told you about it, you don't have response. And wearing the big shirt at home is wrong? I want to feel comfortable when sleep, cannot is it? Wearing dress is wrong, think you are too tomboy that you don't wear dress. Really pathetic!

I chatted with her a lot. I don't mean by chat, I was just replying her cruel words. She used vulgar words in almost all of her sentences. I only used one word which was "DAMN". I have checked the dictionary, it wasn't a harsh word. It can also mean "hard". I can't find another way to let out myself and eventually, said the word. I felt really guilty and obliged.

This made me more mad and angry. You said my mum is fat, same like me. You said my parents is old. And I said you are "STUPID". With this, I felt like killing you! Although I haven't learn until that topic but my sister told me before. My mum got fat because she give birth to 3 of us, I look into her photo when she was in her 20s, a little slimmer and she could be a model. And about the OLD thingy, everyone gets old. Even my eldest sister is already almost half the age of them, what do you expect? If they are still looking like teenagers, I am going to commit suicide. Use your brain to think lah.

THIS: You said Ian didn't bothers me, then why did he called me? If don't want, don't call lah. I also don't want ah~ I knew from now onwards, he won't call me again but why he did it at the first place? Ruining everything all over around. Mind your own business lah. So busybody for what! And you, don't so 38! Came to see my blog and checked on my daddy's blog some more~ First time see so 38 de people loh. If you wanted to write comment, please stop all these smelly words. So hate these people, really low-low-low class!!

One word for you: FAILED!



Fishie said...

if u are angry then she is not fail..
she is sucess,to make u angry..
just forget bout it.. ok?
my pmr going is coming in two week and will finish very very fast d...
then i can go chat we u more more more lo~
can help u oso~
relax now~

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

yea. i will not be angry.

hope you can excel in your pmr.
wish you all the best, shiyee!

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

hmm....hilarious.....hey amy....i know ur feeling....haha....cause i also like that be4 >.< take it easy.....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha, what feeling?
what happened to you before?

i don't have any feeling for this.

i am very happy cause can make the girl angry. who ask her to say so much~ haha~

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...


amy美琪-kaykay- said...

why laugh.
nothing very strange.
i very bad de, she say me, i attacked her back, so easy.

so hate these ppl. no-manners.

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

hahaha.......her age?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

her age of course younger than me.

one year old younger than me.

but her harsh words much better than me.