Sunday, September 13, 2009

2nd 2009 Genting Trip.

*Got to be fast. I got some minutes to write this. I still haven't finish up my homeworks and haven't pack my bag for school tomorrow. This post might be fast and simple. 100 photos were taken, but I will not upload it all, due to the time frame.

*Changed to a brand new keyboard. I think I need time to adapt to new keyboard. I guess, I will be writing blog slower than usual.

Yesterday, 12/9/2009, we and my family went to Genting Highlands. Sister was short-listed for the scholarship sponsored by Genting Sdn Bhd. I felt happy for her. She is interviewed by many ways for hours. So, me, dad and mum were so boring waiting. We went around, I am very familiar with Genting already~ As every year, I would be going there, at least, twice or more.

We went to cable car, went down and came up. We wasted 30 minutes in there. Very nice view. And then, dad went into casino to play a while, me and mum went walking around. Cool refreshing breeze blowing to our faces. After around 2 hours, dad came out and we went to have our lunch. I ate chicken rice and my parents ate noodles. At 3pm, finally sis came out and we went walking around again. I was exhausted waiting and walking.

Here’s some of the photos I have got for this trip.

Before going out, I "qiao". Kidding.

The cool breeze.

Me and my second sister.

Me and mummy.

Me and the orange guy, daddy.

Trying to take photo of the view behind. Sorry for spoiling the picture.

In the cable car.


The factory.

I was busy taking photos in the cable car.

Mum and dad busy looking at the nice view.


Cable cars.

Sweet sweet couple.

Nice flower and nice stone.

The corns were delicious as it have a lot of margarine in it. Mum said it is fattening but I still like it a lot.

The wind blows.

I closed my eye as the sun were shining right on me.

One hug.

Mum loves the flower.

Actually there's a Hotel First World word on it, but the mist covers it.

This picture is taken when the mist went away.

The person acting cool. Crazy daddy + serious mummy = happy family.

When she finally came out from her interview.

My back. Going back to the hotel's carpark.

Uncle Lim, and dad, and me. If I was a head taller, then, I would be taller than dad! Ha ha.

Mum and dad with the background of Pagoda.

The big buddha :)

Since we haven't eat the herbal egg for a long time, we bought it. It was extremely delicious.

A present from mum. Necklace and earing for me and my second sister. Ha ha. But mom, I don't have my ear pierced yet. Mum: I promised I will do it when we go to Mid-Valley. Amy: YEAY!


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