Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's the green day.
10 September 2009 Thursday.

Creating a lot of problems.

Yesterday before went to bed, sister called and we chatted for 1/2 an hour. My handphone was very hot by the time she put down the phone and I went to sleep at 12am. I contemplated to sleep but I couldn't. I think I am being too mature, cause I think a lot [non-stop].

This morning, dad and mum wanted to go to the market, so, on the way, they sent me to school, so happy~ When I reached the front door, saw S.Man, wondered why she is so late today. School was still quite empty. Went into the canteen. And being with my friends. Took SEJ book from J.Ming when he was concentrating on his studies, thanks!

First class, Maths. Teacher told us she couldn't make it to walk to our class which was located on the highest floor. We don't mind, actually. We studied in the school hall for an hour. Next class was Geografi, we went into a class opposite the computer lab, don't know what class it is called. But the class was dusty yet, well-decorated. Z.Yin said the staircase near the class got ghosts, that scares me a little. We were late for recess as teacher taught us many stuff until everyone forgot what time is was.

No recess. And back to class, Seni. We brought all our stuff. Heavy and light, everything. But we were infomed that teacher was on Medical Certificate, MC. Quite angry but let it be, as teacher is on leave. We just chit-chatted, Z.Yin, S.Phing and S.Sya were finishing their undone homework while the rest of us were chatting. Last class, Moral, went into library. I read two good English books. It's really nice and meaningful.

I am having a not-so-comfortable feeling. S.Sya is looking at me very weirdly, like I am her enemy. I asked her about it and she laughed. She said she is not going to smile all day long. I accepted her answer but she seemed to hate me, recently. But, I don't mind, as I am clear what is happening. Ok then, byes.


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