Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wow. A lot of tasks to be done.

Yesterday done some of it. Today left a lot of it. LOL.

Before I took my nap in the afternoon, B.Teng called and asked about the works. And when I was sleeping, S.Sya called. Dad didn't wake me up as he said he saw me sleeping very tightly. And when I checked my hand phone, 4 miss calls. I then asked S.Sya what happened. She ask me about these works too.

When I was watching TV just now, S.Phing called and asked me about works. After 10 minutes, Z.Yin called and asked about it. Not long after that, received another call from B.Teng asking about home works. LOL. Dad said I am super busy today, even more calls than he have. HAHA.

Currently doing Sejarah and Geografi folio. Still in progress, on the way.

Geografi's folio is easy, as I can take what I have done last year, it's just like copy and paste, a stone away from the finishing line. And they are following me to do about Wangsa Maju. I will show them how good Wangsa Maju is. Because I love Wangsa Maju more than anywhere else as I was born and was growing up there :)

Sejarah's folio, no comment. Unpredictably hard, confused and complicated. HARD HARD HARD, but I am going to do it as soon as possible. Teacher, give us more time to do it!

Art's folio was done two months ago. Only I submitted it, not really sure whether it's with teacher or not. Haiz. And tomorrow, we are going to do a task. Me, B.Teng and Z.Yin in a group as was decided by the one-two-jus. I am the one in-charge of searching for mummy's photos 木乃伊. I saw some of the disgusting mummies [real] and the fake one [cartoon], very very cute.

Okay, got to go to bath. Bye. Cheers.


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