Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A day. Once a lifetime.
Last year was 080808, this year is preferably better as I go, time goes.

I slept at 1am yesterday. I was in bed by 12am but couldn't sleep. Turning around in my bed with two pillows, two blankets. Don't know why, I am thinking too much, too far, and I cried. Washed my face at 1am before I slept.

Today, was great. Everything is fine. I went to school and started chit-chatting with my friends. Then, came B.Teng. And we started listening to the teacher in-charge. And went to class with the first class, PJK. We were just given notes. Teacher kept repeating my names, and S.Sya said I have become popular. Next class, BM. Were doing adverbs. Teacher also repeated my name three times [so proud], lol, no, just kidding.

Recess~ Nothing to do. Moon asked me some questions [which was playing me]. But it's funny. HAHA. And Science, listened to the teacher. Feeling not very comfortable. Last class, BI, was fun watching movies, but teacher kept changing the CD, all watched half way. Anyway, a happy one :) Cheers.

I started feeling writing blog is one of the burdens, but I wouldn't make it as my burdens, additional to my stress. I will kept being positive. Some people don't have the chance, I have the chance, I need to be thankful. I will be happy forever~ YEAY.



Anonymous said...

my cute amy hope you always happy always miss you

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

who are you??

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

shi yee ah??