Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Utama.

[ Date: 19 September 2009 ]

Long time since I have been to One Utama. Almost half a year already, since Chinese New Year. Because among all the shopping complexs in KL, it is quite a distance from my house. So, we went there after going to Kepong to send food to Grandmother. I have never seen her for weeks.

My family and I went watched "WHERE GOT GHOST?" [吓到笑]. My parents said it was extremely boring, maybe this movie isn't suitable for them. My eldest sister was laughing out loud when watching. And my second sister was crying~ It has been a time since I have watch a movie with the whole family as they are always busy, especially my sisters. But so happy.

Where got ghost right?


Eldest sister and me.

Popo, eating also can talk so much, too many stories to be told.


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