Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ha ha,I have wrote 3 posts today. Too brilliance.The pavilion post, I will write it tomorrow cause the pictures too much already~ What have I done this holidays. I didn't study, I am believing it now. I am really a lazy bum.

The pudu. 5 years ago, it was my very kampong, now it's a brand new restaurant.
Mutiara Complex.

Finally, I pierced my ear. 14 years old is a little too old to have my ear pierced but better than don't have. Need to wait for another month to wear a bigger one. B.Teng, S.Phing, S.Sya already have it since they are 6 years old. Not as painful as I expect. But it's just like ants' bitting.

The storm at 12am.

Went to exercise with dad and sister. When we came out from the court, the cat went in, searching for balls, I reckoned. LOL, it surely couldn't come out!


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