Tuesday, September 1, 2009


School holidays is out.
School is in.
School reopens today.
Horns of dilemma to be solved.

1st of September 2009.
A new month, a new start.
A good start.

It was icy freezing yesterday. Dad switched on all the air-conds in our house, don't know to check what. 4 air-conds and I freezed. LOL. Mum was freezing too~ It's very cool being in snow. Ha ha ha.

I woke up at 6.25am this morning. Hardly can move my body as the previous week, I was sleeping until around 10am. I told myself I really got to wake up, so, I won't get late again. And fortunately, I managed to wake up. Prepared everything and I am back to school.

I don't know how to face my friends as my hair is ugly~ When I reached school, someone asked me "Your hair ugly meh?". Some said yes, some said no, I said very! I don't know, why I kept on pretending I am happy with my hair and I smiled all day long, trying hard to become a cheerful and active girl. And J.Eng accompanied me to cut hair~ We both always same~ Kekez.

Assembly wasn't long. First class, BI. Teacher told us about the H1n1 infection. Then, he gave us homeworks. Next class, BM. We listened to the teacher on how to do a composition with proverb. It was a little bit hard without the reference book. And none of us done it, will going to continue it at home - homeworks.

Recess~ I don't know why I felt the time was flying. Cause BM and BI teacher went out as soon as I understand what they taught. Anyway, recess. Being with them in the canteen, then went for a walk. Sherlin~ Sherlin~ Ha ha! Then, ...
Shi Man: Yap! Which staircase should we use? (Cantonese)
Yap: *no response.*
Bee Teng: Hey, which staircase shall we use? (Cantonese)
Yap: *smirking.*
Amy: WHAT STAIRCASE SHOULD WE USE? (Cantonese, shouting)
... Yap SLAPPED my face and smirked. How could you slapped me without any reasons. But anyway, I knew it was a joke from her and I forgave her. BT and SM also love to slap people. I wondered if you will see this, and if you see this, it would be better although slapping wasn't a crime *yet*.

Back to class. SIV, teacher is back from her maternity leaves. Very well! We just copied notes and were given tasks to do as homeworks. Next, Maths class. Nothing much to do as time passed very fast but teacher did leave some homeworks for us. Last class, SEJ. Doing some exercises and some to bring home = homeworks.

Today, every class also got homeworks. How am I supposed to do it all? Most of the homeworks need writing [essays]. Oh god, I am going to be very busy today. Might be more, tomorrow and the days after. But I wasn't feeling much of the pressure, burden, stress and tension.

While walking home, me, S.Sya and J.Eng were walking together. I was impressed, S.Sya knew everything that happened. Really, almost everything. I wondered when she became a "xiao ba po" ah? Maybe from today onwards. And we chatted a lot while accompanying J.Eng to wait for her bus to arrive. We were laughing like crazy people!!


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