Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old stuff.

YEAY. I am finishing the homeworks given by teachers today. So happy. So free. Finally, freedom after a day thinking hard on how to finish these homeworks.

I forgot to take home my BM composition book, so I got to do it onto a paper and submit it tomorrow after pasting the paper onto the book, complicated. This is one of the weaknesses of having tables with drawer in class. Ha ha~ I am not used to these tables yet. Part of the tasks given by teacher, I am still doing it on my lap - couldn't denied, now I prefer using the "P" shaped chair + table.

See what I found just now, when I was trying to search for papers. :) My old book.

DOODLING like how a kindergarten student did.

Before I own a blog, I wrote it into my book, see, I am opening it for preview. Click to enlarge.

Second page of dissatisfaction. Click to enlarge.

I am still keeping the lyrics that Sen gave me last year. Lyrics of 爱来过 and now, it's very old and going to torn someday.

I've been collecting the bus tickets and wrote something on it. This work is silly yet meaningful as now, I remembered when I cut my hair, when I talk to whom and so on.

One of it. Front side. If I missed a day boarding the Rapid KL, I will ask the ticket from Ang and he gave me almost everyday and told to keep it nicely :) Miss him, my lovely silly friend.

Lastly, I wanted to say, I really miss the old times yet wouldn't want to turn the time back. I am going to love now, NOW, PRESENT. Anything~ Good-night.



Alison said...

You are a talented writer keep it up! I've enjoyed your blog. ~from an american native english writer/speaker.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

a lot of thks.
wondering whr u got my blog add.

Amirah C said...

that book! xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

u saw this book before?