Friday, September 4, 2009

A row.

Haha. Let's start with a laugh.

3 and 4 September 2009.
I am not very clear what happened yesterday.

Let's go like this.

A day with sorrow. Assembly. And back to class, first class was Maths - confused. We did some exercises, and I am very confused with it. I think I am going to get B if I kept on being a lazy bum. Next, Geografi. Went to the media room - cooling. Recess - Holding hands. After that, Seni class, did nothing. Last, Moral - chaotic - more boring. =I supposed to blog this yesterday, now, I forgot everything about yesterday and today's mixing=

I could remember this better, certainly.

I walked to school with S.Phing. Reached school, I saw them sitting in the assembly hall and not canteen, and later, I joined them. I seemed quiet today, as I am not satisfied with something. Assembly, I chatted with B.Teng.

First class, BM. We went into the library to read story books. I am not going to cheat, so, I read the whole book before I started writing my synopsis. The second class was SEJ, did some mind-mapping on chapter 2. Exchanged place with Z.Yin [twice]. BI, did some objectives questions.

Recess~ Never saw Sherlin. Mising at no where [Norway]. Ha ha. And we went into the library to read something for addition to our knowledge. But we actually didn't even read a word. B.Teng and J.Eng were fighting for a book, to become a middle people, I took a book for them, so, they won't fight for it any longer.

Back to class, Science. Started raining, unpredictable, as it was sunny before it rained. S.Man messing up my hair, she was insane, I reckoned. Although my hair wasn't nice but please respect me for who I am. Luckily, Z.Yin and B.Teng saved me from her and they weren't same as her, fortunate fortunate! Last class, KH. Touched up my wooden project and drew the sketching. I was corrected by teacher for hundreds millions times and I am quite angry with it. Ha ha~

It was still drizzling when we were walking home. S.Man forgot to bring her umbrella [or never ever bring]. She was up roaring for it. S.Phing, J.Eng and I brought ours. But we were forced to give S.Man one of it. She said she would get sick if she is to walk home without the umbrella. I was wondering, if she could get sick because of the rain, how about us, the owners of the umbrellas? We brought the umbrella to school, massing up our bag's weight and we wouldn't get sick is it, or are we more than a human? We are not super women! How selfish is her. Anyway, we lent her our umbrella and again, she used the umbrella to hit my head, I am not happy with this. My head belongs to me, even my parents didn't hit me, why are you doing this so frequently? Do you have the right to do so? I believed there's a lot more victims who weren't satisfied with this. I walked home with some feeling of dissatisfaction. Pathetically pathetic, we got the rains, and I hope me, S.Phing and S.Sya won't get sick and I would probably be blaming on her. Please be more mature and think about others' feelings. You wasn't the owner of the world, you wasn't the owner of me! My parents are.


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