Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't you mind?

I must live my day to the fullest (:

I knew it will come again, someday. And I am very sure it will. But I don't know it will happen so early, I still want some? No more for me. Everything don't belong to me. It belongs to somebody else who has better lucks.

Allright, I am not going to blog about today, tomorrow maybe, if I am too hardworking. Today isn't very good, though it's okay. Although feeling a little unwell, I still laugh out very loud. Uncontrollably. I wanted to fill my days with happy moments, I have already tried my best to have a good life.

I think, friends, I already have enough. I don't need too much friends. I just need one or two true friends. I haven't found that lucky person yet. I have been very picky and choosy. But that's right, I don't want to have violent friends as true friends. And also those that don't suit me. I want someone that can laugh, can play with, and those who is understanding. So far, still empty. Last year, I had. But I have already lose them because of myself, too greedy. Give is better than take. I believe I can find one true friend soon! I need one, not now, in future time, next year probably.

I don't know whether this is a type of betrayal or just a misunderstanding. I hope it would be a misunderstanding. I believe they don't like me, being better than them, in every factor - studies, friends, love, anything. And I believe if I tell them the truth, I could lose the loved ones. And so far in 2009, I am regretted for my action. And I have already lose 2 person, coming to the total of 3. I am not surprised as everyone would get jealous, I am one of it too, I am more than greedy. I knew myself well.

Plus somebody is being too busybody on my stuff. Why wanted to know everything of me? Can I have some spaces for privacy? Mind your own business for goodness sake.

Sorry, there's bones in my words. I am being sarcastic. I knew that. I write my blog when I am happy, for the first. And second, when I am pissed with somebody and am too scared to confront them. And last, I wanted attention from people, frankly. Every bloggers are ATTENTION SEEKERS.

It started raining already. Got to go to collect clothes now, bye. And sorry if I accidentally hurt somebody. Good day :)


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