Monday, September 14, 2009

The whole week.

MONDAY - Tired
Today is a mixture. Happy added with sorrow. KH was just okay. Copying a lot of notes. Teacher again, asked me to collect all the papers. Moral, teacher came in at the second period which gave us times to have a talk. Recess, half/half with B.Teng. Science, was being questioned by teacher on a Science question, wrong answer was given. Geo, teacher was absent. Maths, me, S.Phing and Z.Yin formed a group as the rest of Chinese girls wasn't in the class, and we did a presentation on SQUARE. I was the presenter and I did it in a very stupor way. Thanks to the Chinese boys who clapped so loudly.

TUESDAY - Stomachache
Stomachache early in the morning. Reached school, was very dark. And no assembly as it was drizzling. First class, BI, I have done my summary and essay, so, I just sat down doing nothing as the rest was finishing it - chatting with my friends. BM, wrote an essay, very hard and was lack of ideas. Recess~ Nothing much. Moral, sitting down with my friends, they were restless, so they sleep, I was just watching. Maths, doing some very easy exercises. Last class, SEJ in the Media room, doing some exercises, my exercises book is very crowded and packed.

A good news: My group [sya, yin and me] had won some prizes in some competition. They are my lucky stars, as, most of the times, I will be winning prizes if I was a group with them. LOL! Fun as fun, we won 3 prizes all together. Great job!

WEDNESDAY - Increasing
This morning, dad volunteered himself to send me to school. I was happy but actually, it was raining outside that he volunteered himself. Skipped assembly again, thumbs up! First class, PJK. Teacher asked us to bring games but we didn't. I thought we can rest but our KH teacher asked us to do corrections on some accounts. BM, was just doing some sentences. Recess in the library. Science. Felt like sleeping as the class was bored, Z.Yin was leaning against me. B.Teng took my hand. S.Man and S.Sya were behind me. Last class, BI. Being in computer lab, again thumbs up! They kept calling my name as they were approached by computer problems.

Today, very very good, something is back to a bit normal. A long assembly, congratulations to form 3 students who achieved good results for their trial. Good job! First class, Maths. Only 10 minutes left. Teacher just talk about the last capture. Teacher asked us which colour we like and 4 of us in one row answered "BLUE"! Next, Geografi at Computer laboratory until after recess, thumbs up! Seni, was just chatting and last class, Moral, we were playing a guessing songs name. LOL. Quite fun but I wasn't good in it.

YEAY~ The countdown has gone and it's now, the one week, Raya holiday. To the muslim, be careful on the road and Selamat Hari Raya! =) Cheers.



Ad said...

...and..hApPy hOlidAy 4 u...

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

you too....
see you after the raya :) :)