Friday, October 9, 2009


Post number 300. I am really good in writing blog. Not even a year and there's already 300 posts, maybe I am too free to spend almost all my internet times here.

Today, friday, 09 October 2009, I had study group with my friends on History. First 5 chapters were good but on chapter 6, everything became quiet and silent. B.Teng head was on my shoulder, S.Man was the same. LOL. Everybody was lethargic. After study group, they kept playing phones. B.Teng sent some messages to someone using my phone. playing prank. I knew it but I can't stop her. Let her be. I won't be mad anyways. They also played my computer, for facebook and msn. They are really crazy, me myself, as well.

My dad was angry because 6 people was in front of the computer. All fighting to press the keyboard and the mouse wasn't moving at its pace. My dad said if anything is spoilt, who is going to pay for it? After they went home, I am the one who is going to take all the words from my dad. I wanted to say sorry to my parents and to my friends, please be more respectful and polite being at my home.

Tomorrow is going to Raffiq's open house. I told them it's going to be at 1pm, and some of them asked my dad to fetch them to go there. My reaction was like "Brilliance, everytime going out to somewhere, sure ask my dad to fetch". I am very confused but could I face these alone? I am feeling very unfair!

I think it's hard for you all to come my house next time. I am needed to ask for better permission. I think next time study group, it's better to change to another venue. I was mad and angry because nobody cares about the study room after they came out. After they went home, when I looked into the study room, I was like "OMG, can't they place the chairs back?". I really cannot handle it alone.

Can you put yourself into my shoe and have a view from there? What if I went to your house, kept pressing the keyboard, used the mouse roughly, ate biscuits everywhere till it dropped on the floor, laugh like nothing had happened, being like an owner on the owner and being scolded by parents after friends went home?

I don't mind at first, never mind. I am self-fish sometimes but am I too self-fish or are they too self-fish? I really don't know how to endure anymore. Nobody cares about my feeling. On my view, they just assume my house like a public place. After doing something, just went home just like this. I guess if you are on my shoes, you are going to be so mad and kept complaining. But my intention wasn't to complain.

Haiz~ Suan le. I want die a~



XiiaoBenDan said...

lucky you never call me to go...-.-

amy美琪-kaykay- said...


XiiaoBenDan said...

if not i'm in trouble too :) wakaka

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha. won't d le.
cheer up rite.