Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Green dae.

My horoscope told me that I will have changes on some matters, probably be starting today and beware of pretenders [The Star horoscope, Taurus]. I am wondering what was the matters and who are the pretenders? LOL.

Today, school was normal. Form 3 students were given a day off before they face the major exam tomorrow. Assembly, and first class, BI. Teacher was busy with his testimonial. While we did our Maths exercises. BM, teacher taught us how to write report. We submitted it before the class ended.

Recess~ We were just sitting in the canteen. S.Man, B.Teng and Z.Yin were robbing J.Eng. I didn't join them, but once they told me that inside her pocket, there was some sweets, I helped them to hijack away too. How cruel right? Sorry! And we saw [...] near the bookshop.

Sivic, copied notes before were given free times. Maths, teacher taught us Solid geometry, it was quite easy as we have done all the exercises. I gave them their birthday present. I gave them to choose it as I knew they will say I am selective. B.Teng said I gave Z.Yin and S.Phing a better present but I gave you to choose it, can't blame me for that~ Last class, SEJ. Teacher was absent and we were rushing homeworks given by SEJ teacher. Teacher gave us a lot to be copied.

Grr. I walked home with J.Eng, S.Sya and S.Phing. It's nice to walk with them. The truth is I like them. But are they what TheStar newspaper called it "pretenders"? Who are them? I am really curious to know. Did I amused you?


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