Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Class party 2009.

Thanks: Credit from Akma and Farah @ on 28 October 2009.

Today, school was not very normal. This is the first year I am here, doing class party. But this party is so fun + interesting + glamorous + friendly and +++. LOL. I am having so much fun until I forgot what I am supposed to do. My responsibility to do my parts.

This morning, arrived at 6.35am to help Farah to take hampers to class together with my friends. But they were a bit late, so, I waited outside and KKSiong came, shocked, he asked me why so early? I nodded. There were about 30 hampers. 16 wrapped by me and Mr. Raffiq. I help them to wrap it on Sunday at Farah's house, who stay a block away. Me, Raffiq, Farah and Hamzah :) Pro dy.

Assembly was long. I was very impatient waiting for the party. At class, me and Z.Yin kept blowing balloons but all the balloons were bursting. I blew 4 and all 4 burst. Wasting my oxygen, breath, air and energy. After that, went down with S.Sya, S.Man and Z.Yin to cut the fruits (oranges and apples).

Came back, sat down, chatting and playing before we started the party at around 10.30am. Eat eat eat. Then, there were games for teacher before games for us. It was fun. MIX & MATCH thing should be awarded to KKSheng and S.Sya but I think they made a mistake. I was too crazy that I accidentally pour some drops of carbonate drinks on KKSheng and he made me back. My hair ... I washed twice, still can smell the carbonate. =.= Sorry KKSHENG!

Sent hampers - balanced to teacher's room before heading home with S.Phing and S.Sya. S.Phing came to my house to online. S.Phing told my dad I am a good example of "K.Kebersihan" but the truth was vice-versa. At 2pm, they went home. I was exhausted with my hair, my cloth, my sweat and everything. So, good night!

Let's start the party.

Big sister.

With Z.Yin.

Copycat Jerry (xiao hai bu ben).

Chocolate cake.

Sampah girl.

I was actually the Ketua Kebersihan of the party!

Big sister was too boring.

Class was very well-decorated.

With Ketua Jamuan, Mr. Raffiq.

Waiting for the sweets to drop.

Beat as hard as you can!

Puan Halimah almost hitting all of us.

Waiting on the first line.

Oh sweets, when are you coming out?

Puan Mohana. It's your turn.

With sporting big brother.

Big brother really sporting :)

Our class cutiest girl, Sinia.

Me and my lovely assistant's tag :)

Next door neighbour. Where were you looking at?

The white board display.

Lending a helping hand to my assistant.

Me and my helpful assistant.

Second sister.


The person who sat opposite me.

The ones who sat beside me.

He took off his spectacles and put down his food just to take this photo. Hey, Sri, you thought I am going to post this picture in newspaper huh? Maybe, someday.

KKSiong robbed away big brother's spectacles.



Bright days.

The chicken was too spicy and hard. I used two forks and both of it broke down. Pity pity.

Endless lollipop.

YOYOYO. Ha ha ha.

She don't know.

Picture with Puan Halimah.

Third place goes to "cool" Aina & Raffiq.

Second place goes to "sweet" Natasha and Hamzah.

And first place goes to ... NO ONE.

Best friends forever, permanently.

Thanks thanks. For the hamper.


Sorry KKSiong~.~

Tomato for KKSiong. BEER FOR KKSHENG, how hot!!


Feed him, my friend. Lame.

Took a photo with Jay Ming right after KKSheng poured carbonate drinks on me. Embarrassed.

Class after cleaned-up. Award goes to .... everyone in 2DK11!

Class was chaotic.

She, at my house, on my floor with me.


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