Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I cannot procrastinate anymore. About 22 October 2009, Saturday.

I asked my sister's friend on how to go to Section 4, she told me to take 2 buses. I took bus together with B.Teng, S.Man, S.Sya and J.Hui till Section 2. And we waited for T301 for like 15 minutes before we decided to walk to Wangsa Walk.

Till Section 4 junction, I was sweating like pig because J.Hui kept competing with me and we looked more like jogging. Everyone was tired and really cannot "tahan". So, they were planning to take taxi although it was just 200 metres away. But on the same time, the bus came. LOL. Really sorry to J.Eng, she called me. I answered and then, hang up, S.Man asked me to do so.

There, we went walking around first before going into KK for 1 hour, went to Popular. I only bought 3 exercises books. Before going back, me, S.Sya, J.Hui and S.Man went to Roti Boy to eat Roti Boy, I recommended them this. And it took us about two hours to reach home. How tired.



Me, her and husband.

Small children crossing road slowly.

Three girls rushing to the other side of the busy road.

Waiting. Dewaiting.

See my sweat ~.~



Husband wife forced.

Copy pig me.

Roti Boy, Roti girls.

Bored waiting for bus.

5 more pictures, Captured by J.Hui.


He "she" saw a millipede.

Captured by S.Sya.

Sweats were drying off only when we were going home.

Sit together, we didn't force them.

S.Man and me :)

I am done here. I had make this post simple as I am still chasing my activities and especially my coming EXAM. Not interested in Wangsa Walk. Bye.


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